Welcome to the 2020 Fall STEM Learning Ecosystems Convening Resilience & Resolve: The Power of STEM Learning Ecosystems

Y is STEM still White?

Join Ecosystems leaders for a frank conversation on Racial Equity and STEM. Nichole Pinkard, from Northwestern University, and Reginald McGregor, of Rolls Royce will be joining the SLECOP to push us to think about the ways that we can interrogate systems in education. Our panelists will provide insight from their sector perspectives, as well as, challenge us to look at our role in our ecosystem as it looks at addressing challenges around equity and inclusion. Ecosystem Leaders from Chicago, Indiana, and Pittsburgh will also participate to share how ecosystems, every ecosystem can push the racial equity conversation.


  • Reginald McGregor,Engineering Employee Development & STEM Outreach NA Engineering Operations Management, Defense Sector, Rolls-Royce Corporation, Indiana STEM Ecosystem
  • Nichole Pinkard, Computer Scientist, Northwestern University
  • Natasha Smith-Walker, Executive Director, Project Exploration, Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative
  • LaTrenda Sherrill, Remake Learning, Pittsburgh Regional STEM Ecosystem