We wanted to share an important update with you regarding some exciting next steps in our LEAD STEM work. As we announced at the October Community of Practice (CoP) meeting, we will be redesigning LEAD STEM. LEAD STEM, now moving into its third year, is a unique and tailored professional development program created by and for STEM Learning Ecosystem (SLE) members.

We are so proud of and inspired by the amazing work that our first and second cohort of LEAD STEM Fellows have brought to life – from their personal leadership development and achievements, to their Capstone work impacting real and meaningful change in their local communities, to the scaling of their work nationally, and the development of a vibrant and growing network of leaders taking the charge to shift the needle in STEM learning and outcomes.

The LEAD STEM journey has been a learning journey – for all of us – and we are excited to embark on the next chapter.

With the hard work and dedication of the Ecosystem Advisory Council (EAC), and the vision to sustain and grow the global STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice, and with LEAD STEM as a key experience in our leadership development for communities, we will be postponing the full application process for LEAD STEM to next fall. We will now take up the great opportunity of iterating LEAD STEM.

We believe it is important to integrate LEAD STEM within the new construct of leadership for this great work. We also believe, that as a learning community, constant learning and design, and iteration of that design, is key to our success. It is truly STEM leading here.

We expect to have more details about the redesign process that will enable LEAD STEM to dovetail with the SLE CoP even closer. The reDesign schedule and plan will be available following Thanksgiving.

While we are in the process of the LEAD STEM reDesign, where we will be engaging LEAD STEM Fellows and partners throughout, please continue to express your interest to us in becoming a LEAD STEM Fellow so that we are able to communicate important details about the path forward. As a sneak peak, we envision a global component to this program that will add immense value and new dimension to this valuable experience.

For questions, contact Angela Baber, Executive Director, LEAD STEM