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STEM Education Coalition Policy Form

STEM Education Coalition Policy Forum

Technical Assistant and Policy Support to State STEM Partners

Thanks to the generous support of the Overdeck Family Foundation the SLECoP has partnered with the STEM Education Coalition Policy Forum to provide technical assistance to ecosystems in support of their policy goals.

STEM Education Coalition Policy Forum Has A Multi-Tiered Approach to Technical Assistance

Experienced Advocates:

  • Who Are They? State partners who are currently engaged in advancing specific and actionable STEM policy initiatives within state and local government and/or educational leadership.
  • How STEM Ed Can Help You: With one-to-one consultations and customized technical assistance that is response to your individual needs.

Capacity Builders:

  • Who Are They: State partners that are interested in growing their policy and advocacy capabilities through additional STEM partners, more extensive policy training and resources, and refinement or further development of an existing policy agenda.
  • How STEM Ed Can Help You: We can provide you with an array of policy resources and training opportunities that are aligned with your goals. We can also help broker connections with potential new national or state STEM partners.

Launching a Policy Agenda:

  • Who Are They: State partners that are new to policy work or seeking to establish a more formalized STEM policy agenda and learn more about the STEM policy world.
  • How STEM Ed Can Help You: We will be offering regular interactive webinars, hosted by TIES, to explore and inform you on a range of STEM policy and advocacy topics.

Examples of Assistance

Building Connections with the STEM Community

  • Engaging the Business Community: Connect with State Chambers, employers, and STEM-aligned corporate leaders.
  • Building Relationships with State STEM organizations: Engaging with the broader STEM community of educators, professionals, and STEM advocates.
  • Grassroots/Grass tops Engagement: Assist in recruiting and training advocates

Learning About STEM Issues

  • Getting Familiar with STEM Facts in Your State: See how your state is doing on key STEM metrics.
  • STEM and the Workforce: Exploring the connections between STEM education, the U.S. workforce, and economic prosperity.
  • How to talk STEM.

Policy Support

  • Every Student Succeeds Act and Perkins CTE State and Local Plans: Participating in the ongoing process of prioritizing federal funding at the state and local level
  • Support Policymaker Outreach: Assist you with direct engagement with state and local policymakers, including letter writing, talking points, and other supports.
  • Legislative Tracking and Examples from Other States: Building your radar screen for policy issues
  • Policy and Advocacy Training: Webinars, briefings, and materials to develop expertise and comfort level
  • Building Out Your Policy Agenda: Aid in developing, prioritizing, and articulating your policy agenda and act as an extension of your staff.

In order to ensure that ecosystems receive the maximum possible benefit from STEM Ed Coalition, TIES is seeking to better understand your interest in local, state or national policy as well as your experience.

Please complete the following survey.

For questions, please contact Veronica Gonzales.