Submit Stories

The STEM Learning Ecosystems Initiative is working to collect, identify and scale outstanding STEM programs and practices. This submission form is the first step in the process we are using to gather the rich stories that demonstrate excellence among our peers in this important work.

We are looking for all exemplars and encourage you to submit all worthy programs however we do have a focus on those efforts that:

  1. Are focused on achieving the STEM Learning Ecosystem Strategies; and/or
  2. Topics identified by the Ecosystem communities as their priorities

We are also very interested in evidence that supports the efficacy and impact of these programs, so please provide supporting data. That said, this is intended to be a brief submission and not a full proposal. Therefore, a short narrative of the type of evidence and a high-level summary of findings would be ideal.

This submission should take approximately 15-20 minutes. (If it is taking longer than that you may be providing too much data.) Thank you for contributing to deepening and improving STEM practices for the STEM Learning Ecosystem.

The STEM Learning Ecosystem Management