It’s 2020. If we can’t have flying cars, we should at least have STEM access for all students. We’ve seen districts make historic shifts to meet new constraints and now is the time to support districts serving a high percentage of low income students of color to leverage this moment for long-needed systemic change–ensuring STEM access for ALL. Learn about strategies and tools that 2 California ecosystems are using to plan and implement STEM integration K-12. Preload your questions on this Padlet: and join us to test drive some (also non-flying) tools.

PRESENTERS: Christina O’Guinn, Senior Director, Educational Partnerships, The Tech Interactive: Shery Burch STEM Pathways Project Manager, The Tech Interactive

ECOSYSTEM: Region 5 STEAM Ecosystem

FOCUS PILLARS: Cross-Sector Partnerships, Connections to Learning, Workforce Development, Equity