Caliper maps paths to success in the terms of equity and access set out by the STEM learning ecosystems themselves. Caliper tells the stories of how ecosystems navigate success by: locating them in relation to where they have been, where they want to be, and where to go next, leveraging common experiences to create a shared language for communicating and adapting lessons learned about clear paths, detours, and dead ends, and by highlighting landmarks of significance for equity and access, flagging substantive variations in ethnic, gender, age, and role subgroups’ experiences.

PRESENTERS: Jan Morrison, Founder & Senior Partner, TIES; William Fisher Founder Living Capital Metrics, LLC; Gwendolyn Brantley, Executive Director of Leadership Greater Bridgeport STEM Learning Ecosystem; Phil Hampton, Professor, California State University Channel Islands, Ventura County STEM Network; Xan Black, Executive Director of the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance

FOCUS AREAS: Measurement, Systems that Sustain the Work, Equity