March 2017 – Choosing and using evidence-based assessment tools to measure STEM learning and program quality

Part One: “Choosing evidence-based instruments for STEM: Measuring quality and youth outcomes in afterschool and informal STEM” PEAR will walk through tips for instrument selection and introduce Ecosystem members to the Noyce-funded Assessment Tools in Informal Science (ATIS) Website, a national and international resource for informal STEM practitioners, researchers and evaluators.

Part Two: “Common measurement strategies for communities: A Case study of PEAR’s STEM Innovation Hubs” PEAR will share a recent example of how communities can work together to gather evidence of STEM learning using common measurement tools and methodology. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss the findings from this work and consider how it enables continuous improvement on both program – and community-levels.

Presented by: Gil Noam, Ed.D., Ph.D. (habil), Patty Allen, Ph.D., and Ashima Mathur Shah, Ph.D., of The PEAR Institute: Partnerships in Education & Resilience at Harvard University and McLean Hospital

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