August 2017 – STEM-UP Planning Call #2

Second Planning call for STEM-Up (rescheduled due to technical difficulties).

Using the Afterschool Alliance’s Lights On Campaign as an example, as a community of practice, we would like to create STEM-UP as a national day of parent engagement to bring awareness of STEM in homes across North America.

We propose that November 2, 2017 is a day of united practice to highlight STEM and encourage parent engagement with learners of all ages. Across the nation, we will STEM-UP!

Share (here) any existing programs/events/initiatives that your ecosystem can leverage to exemplify how your community will STEM-UP on or around November 2, 2017. This can include: an event (on or near Nov. 2nd); a program launch/update; and/or just a fun activity families can do together at home on that day. Share your events/programs/activities here: 

STEM-UP Overview: We believe STEM is everywhere and for everyone. November 2, 2017 will be a day of united practice to highlight STEM. Across the nation we will STEM-UP (United Practice).