September 2017 – STEM-UP Family Engagement Campaign Communications Call

What is STEM-UP?

STEM-UP is the largest open house of STEM Learning engaging families in North America.  We will showcase hundreds of regional events around the nation to highlight where STEM happens.

Using the Afterschool Alliance’s Lights On Campaign and Remake Learning Days as examples, our community of practice would like to pilot a media campaign called STEM-UP as the largest open house of STEM Learning engaging families in North America. We hope to showcase hundreds of STEM learning activities and events to highlight “where STEM happens,” with a focus on family engagement (e.g. STEM happens in the garage; STEM happens in the park; etc.)

Join us on November 2, 2017 for a day of united practice to celebrate STEM and encourage hands-on, future-ready, family-centric inquiry and learning.  Across the nation, we will STEM-UP (United Practice)!

Join us by sharing existing programs/events/initiatives happening at schools, museums, libraries, afterschool centers, universities, media centers, tech startups, and more that your ecosystem can leverage to exemplify how your community will STEM-UP on or around November 2, 2017. This can include: an event (on or near Nov. 2nd); a program launch/update; and/or just a fun activity families can do together at home on that day. Share your events/programs/activities here:

Campaign Goals:

  • Build family awareness of STEM learning opportunities in their local community;
  • Advance a national community of practice around STEM;
  • Build awareness that STEM is everywhere and for everyone;
  • Illuminate STEM that is already happening (e.g. communities based in agriculture can see they are doing valuable work in STEM);
  • Make STEM accessible for all families and learners;
  • Bring families into the opportunities STEM creates to shape our world; and
  • Shift the dinner table conversation by showing families their connections/roles in STEM.