May 2017 – Learning Blade – Online STEM Career Awareness System

Dear STEM Ecosystem colleagues;

Join us for our final monthly Community of Practice webinar of the season on May 2, 2017 for a demonstration of Learning Blade by the President of Thinking Media/Learning Blade Sheila Boyington.

About Learning Blade:

Learning Blade is an online STEM career awareness system with 400 STEM lessons tied to the academic standards of all 50 states including NGSS and Common Core.  Our curriculum exposes students to a wide range of STEM careers and technologies while reinforcing academic skills in mathematics, ELA, science and social studies. Learn how statewide deployments in Tennessee and Arkansas and use in 28 states are making an impact. 

Learning Blade is getting RESULTS!  

DOUBLING the # of students interested in becoming an engineer and/or scientist 
79% Increase In students recognizing “Math is helpful when solving interesting problems.” 
69% Increase In students recognizing “What I learn in school will be useful later in life.”
57% Increase In students interested in taking advanced math classes in high school.

Learning Blade® has been validated as a supplemental tool for increasing STEM career awareness and interest by BattelleEd.