January 2019 Webinar: Implications of the STEM Strategic Plan

We are pleased that STEM education experts have recognized the important work that many of us have been leading for more than a decade. The STEM Learning Ecosystem Community of Practice, now a movement of 68 ecosystems across the world, has been pioneering the practice of bringing diverse stakeholders together to work for common STEM goals and greater alignment with workforce needs.

The STEM Five Year Strategic Plan, under development for more than a year, is based on input from numerous stakeholders, including educators, business and community leaders and representatives from all 50 states, who attended a June federal STEM Summit hosted by Office of Science Technology and Policy at the White House (OSTP.)  (To view the entire report, please click here.)

In order to help communities understand the implications of the STEM Strategic Plan, navigate the potential opportunities this federal recognition may bring and respond to your questions, TIES hosted this webinar on January 8, 2019. Please view the recording below to hear a collaborative conversation among Community of Practice colleagues to leverage the STEM Strategic Plan.

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