August 2018 Pop-Up Webinar – Upcoming NSF Advanced Technological Education Proposal

You have a really good friend in your community – your community college – and TIES wants to coach you into becoming really, really good friends, bffs or just great life partners.

Join us for this pop-up webinar to  learn about concrete strategies your STEM Learning Ecosystem can adopt to work more closely with your local community colleges.

It’s August and we get it about vacations and the heat. But there is a pretty big reason why we need to hold this webinar now and why you should do your best to join: The NSF has just released its call for Advanced Technological Education proposals with a due date of October 15, 2018.

We’d like to brainstorm with you about ideas and strategies your ecosystem might propose for this exciting opportunity and for deepening your engagement with your community college.

Here is a link to the call for proposals. We will discuss it more when we meet on the webinar. This webinar is open to all of your STEM Learning Ecosystem Members, so please share with your networks.

(We won’t see you. So, join from the pool or the beach if you want.)

Should you have any questions, please email us at

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