Practice Groups were introduced at the Community of Practice Convening in March 2016 as an opportunity for diverse stakeholders across STEM Learning Ecosystems and sectors to work together on a shared interest in specific topics. Following that convening, a number of practice groups have emerged, communicating online through the Google Site and teleconferences. We hope to continue to support the evolving Practice Groups and spark new Practice Groups as well.

What is a Practice Group?

Practice Groups are meant to advance the work of the local STEM Ecosystems by providing a platform to share local challenges, solutions, funding opportunities and specific areas of expertise.

How do I access Practice Group Google Drives?

Click on the Practice/Working Group of interest to view related documents and files.

How do I start or participate in a Practice Group?

Veronica Gonzales, a member of the TIES’ Design Team, is working to facilitate and cultivate practice groups. Please contact Veronica directly to:

    • Learn about practice groups