The Caliper Calibration Study – Please Participate and Share with Your Network

Dear STEM Learning Ecosystem Member, Partner and Stakeholder —

We are delighted to be sharing with you the CALIPER CALIBRATION STUDY, a critical final step in the release of the full Caliper Measurement Tool, which will enable you to measure the work of your STEM Learning Ecosystem. As a member of the Community of Practice, we are asking you to join your other colleagues in answering the questions contained in the CALIPER CALIBRATION STUDY.

The CALIPER CALIBRATION STUDY is designed to help the Caliper Design Team determine which questions are most valuable to the work of your ecosystem. Without this calibration tool, we would merely be guessing about what to ask. This Calibration Study is NOT Caliper itself but the step prior to the final design of Caliper.

Our Request


We need as many STEM Learning Ecosystems members/participants/partners to complete the Calibration Study as possible.

Please forward the links below (and these instructions, if you’d like) to:

  1. Ecosystem staff and key stakeholders
  2. PK-12 Education representatives
  3. Higher-education representatives
  4. Business & Industry representatives
  5. Government leaders
  6. Out-of-school time stakeholders
  7. Philanthropic leaders


There are FOUR Survey Forms linked below. Please answer at least ONE Survey. You are welcome to complete more than one form if you have the time and the desire. Please select any of the four Survey Forms at random and do not necessarily choose Survey One.


We understand you may have questions about this Calibration Study. We cannot answer your questions while the Study is in process. Once the Calibration phase has ended, we will be free to address any questions you may have.