STEM Messaging Platforms

Here are a few STEM Messaging platform resources to help build  the case for STEM learning in and out-of-school.

The Frameworks Institute

Telling the STEM Chapter of the Education Core Story: A Communications Toolkit
This toolkit is a collection of framing research, recommendations, and sample communications designed to help leading voices explain learning in science, technology, engineering, and math in such a way that builds public understanding and will on STEM issues, while also supporting a broader reframed narrative about education as a public good.

 The Afterschool STEM Hub 

These talking points use tested values and metaphors that have been shown to be effective ways to frame the field’s case for why afterschool STEM matters, how it works, and how to improve it. Think of them as a set of go-to topic sentences for paragraphs that you’ll develop with details about your specific communication focus.

EveryHour Counts

Messages Made Simple: Communications Toolkit for Expanded Learning

This messaging toolkit is for organizations that use expanded learning to improve opportunities and outcomes for youth. It builds on a collaborative process conducted by Every Hour Counts partners and is available to organizations working in expanded learning, organizations that are building expanded-learning systems, and anyone else who wants to
communicate clearly about this important work. The toolkit focuses on helping the field use clear, crisp, consistent language.In addition to providing strategies and tips for communicating effectively, it provides language to explain the value of expanded learning, the work of intermediaries, and the role of expanded-learning systems in improving outcomes for youth.