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The North Dakota STEM Network provides collaboration for providing all students high-quality experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics related fields. Since 2009, the Network has brought change-making individuals together from K-20 education, state government, industry and non-profits with a shared vision that STEM education is key to North Dakota children and the future economy. The Network focuses on promoting the need for greater advances in STEM for all students. We encourage every sector of the community to take responsibility for contributing to the education of all students. We are interested in educational practices that increase student engagement by utilizing inquiry-based, design processes to connect curriculum content to real-life relevance and to active learning. There are significant gaps in STEM achievement for underrepresented groups in North Dakota. Black and Hispanic students lag behind their white peers in math and science proficiency in elementary and middle school. In higher education, a major gender gap in computing and engineering degrees earned has persisted over the last 15 years on the state and national level. Building on the Network, we will establish a statewide STEM learning ecosystem to coordinate efforts to prepare students for STEM career opportunities in the 21st Century.

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