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Our ecosystem consists of the Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit 19, 20 public school districts, 2 comprehensive career and technology centers, 2 charter schools along with a variety of non-public entities. NEPA STEM Ecosystem serves public and private entities and the local sites of the Wayne Pike Workforce Alliance, Gentex Corporation, The Cooperage Project, Lockheed Martin, WVIA Public Media, a portion of the Charlie Company of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and the Greater Scranton YMCA. Our goal is to provide rich STEM experiences and career opportunities to every youth within our collective footprint. Keystone College, Johnson College, Marywood University, the University of Scranton and Lackawanna College provide education beyond the PreK-12 setting. This region includes Lackawanna, Susquehanna, parts of Wyoming, Wayne and Pike counties covering a geographic footprint 2453 square miles and home to over 333,000 residents.

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