Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Regional STEM Hub Network

The Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Regional STEM Hub Network is a statewide ecosystem that aligns leaders in higher education, business, pre-K through 12 education, as well as state and local governmental officials and agencies. The Iowa STEM Advisory Council and it’s six regional STEM Hubs are committed to increasing student interest and achievement in STEM, cultivate STEM-literacy and promote economic development and community vitality in Iowa. Thanks to ongoing, bipartisan support of the Iowa Legislature, Iowa’s effort continues to gain momentum and demonstrate impact. Through the Iowa STEM Council’s early actions, six Regional STEM Hubs are creating localized collective impacts and partnerships, bringing together dedicated STEM stakeholders including local and regional leaders from preK-12, post-secondary and higher education, informal education, business and industry, workforce, economic development, nonprofits, state agencies and the Iowa state legislature. All of this work is being supported and directed by the lead of the Iowa STEM Advisory Council operations center, located in northeast Iowa.

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