HSMC Tri-county STEM Ecosystem Consortium

HSMC (Hunterdon County, Somerset County, and Mercer County) Tri-county STEM Ecosystem Consortium believes in the principle that communities must come together for the benefit of providing opportunities for all in STEM. The ecosystem will bring together superintendents of schools from throughout Hunterdon, Somerset, and Mercer Counties in New Jersey. Additional support has come from business industries, higher education institutions, private and public preschools, local arts organizations, environmental education centers, after school/before school providers, and municipal leaders. Partners work with the intention to unite efforts for communities to impact New Jersey’s STEM workforce gap and to ensure students have a positive STEM identity. HSMC Tri-county STEM Ecosystem Consortium will commit to guiding principles that will provide STEM opportunities for all students, support to community leaders, and partnerships between K – 12 and higher education institutions. The name of the ecosystem evolved to include a third county in New Jersey due to the high interest of others after initial letters of support were provided by partners. Application reviewers will notice two different ecosystem names on the submitted letters of support; HSC and HSMC. This is the result of an additional county wanting to be involved after initial partner letters were submitted.

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