Central Massachusetts STEM Network Ecosystem

The Central Massachusetts STEM Network Ecosystem is a regional network dedicated to bringing our community together to cultivate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning and engagement. We foster partnerships to integrate the strengths of our community to support deep and wide-scale impact, ensuring educators have the necessary resources to engage, teach, and develop STEM competency with all learners. These partnerships include PK-12 districts and educators, higher education, out-of-school time organizations, non-profits, businesses, government, family organizations, and philanthropies. Using a systems approach, our primary mission is to develop and deliver engaging STEM experiences that grow and nurture low-income and historically underrepresented youth in STEM throughout Central Massachusetts to feel empowered and college- and career-ready. To accomplish this, the Ecosystem brings together our diverse members to work collaboratively with educational systems, support educators (both formal and informal) and build a robust STEM workforce. We  believe that engaging STEM experiences provide youth with a foundation for success and that all should have these opportunities. Through our network and partners, we provide thousands of youth with a variety of real-world, project-based experiences that include: classroom STEM experiences and science fair project support, out-of-school time STEM classes, day-long STEM workshops, and STEM festivals.

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