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The Movimiento STEM Ecosystem is an initiative led by the nonprofit Movimiento STEM. With the aim of contributing with national development through STEM promotion, it searches and identifies the best STEM Education programs in Mexico, to drive focused actions in an organized and collaborative way.

This effort has the support of business organizations, such as the Business Coordinating Council, the Executive Council of Global Companies, Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, American Chamber Mexico and the Software Alliance (BSA).

Our three main goals are:

STEM Culture: To boost EduSTEM providers and their actions, among teachers, researchers, parents or guardians, young people and anyone interested in generating exponential growth of STEM and have a greater impact on society.

Research: To generate indicators, research and a shared vision on STEM and its impact on the Fourth Revolution and on the fulfillment of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Learning community: To create a community of practice in Mexico, linked to an international community, that encourages interaction and detonates the exponential growth of STEM to achieve a greater economic and social impact.

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