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The Alamo STEM Ecosystem is a county wide Community of Practice with a commitment to provide STEM/STEAM experiences for all students with a focus on students traditionally underrepresented in STEM/STEAM. The Alamo STEM Ecosystem will establish and articulate Early Learning to Middle School STEM/STEAM Pathways of learning experiences and will disaggregate the High School Graduation Rates (key indicator tracked by San Antonio’s 2020 plan) to include STEM Endorsement, 21st Century skills, and other metrics for measuring the impact of the Alamo STEM Ecosystem. The Alamo STEM Ecosystem will work with the State Board of Education, the Texas Workforce Commission, and the Texas Education Agency to maximize the impact of STEM/STEAM initiatives within the state. Partnerships are considered the most critical factor in the development of a STEM Ecosystem as determined in the University of San Diego study – Developing a STEM Ecosystem. The Alamo STEM Ecosystem has been organized into 18 cross sector committees to assist with the cultivation of our COP and will consider how to connect the committee’s work with educators, parents, and students. In a cross-border partnership, Mexico City’s partner, Movimiento STEM, will replicate their STEM theater program in San Antonio while Harlandale’s STEM Early College High School will develop a curriculum guide to be implemented in Mexico.

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